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As a Massage Therapist, I get a lot of clients coming in complaining of low back pain. Clients all vary in shape, size, fitness level and gender, but so many diverse people all have a common ailment. Muscle soreness in the core.

What do most of these people have in common? Posture! Most people who live and work in the city sit at a desk majority of the day and if their work station is not ergonomically calibrated, they often feel stiffness and soreness.

First and foremost, an MD should rule out any type of pathology while a Certified Personal Trainer can help with exercises to strengthen the core. A Massage Therapist can take a look at the body, at the pelvic alignment and come up with a treatment plan that best suits the client’s needs. Not all massages are the same. For an anterior pelvic tilt (pitched slightly forward), the muscles of the back become tense and over stretched. For a posterior pelvic tilt, (pitched slightly backwards), muscles in your abdominal and hips are over stretched leading to pain and soreness.

So what can you do?

Once you and your Licensed Massage Therapist understand where the pain is coming from, a treatment plan can be decided. The Massage Therapist will look at how your body is aligned, may ask you questions about your work to understand if you’re sitting all say and may even ask you to make slight movements in order to evaluate your body and come up with an individual treatment plan. Once the Therapist has an understanding of where the problem originates, he or she can use massage techniques that target specific muscles to make you feel good as new! See, not all massages are the same for everyone!

If you’re experiencing core pain and need some TLC in this area, book a massage. Call and schedule a personalized massage with Nansa. 212.265.1111

By Nansa Sheriff, Mercedes Club Licensed Massage Therapist