In Trainer Spotlight


We sat down with one of our fantastic Mercedes Club Trainers to learn some more about Kenny’s fitness and health preferences:


Training/Education in Fitness: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) 

Your favorite workout: “I really love pumping my arms.” Kenny also likes High Intensity Interval Training and with a circuit style

Workout you would recommend to people that are beginning: “Mountain climbers, because it works your full body.”

Fitness Tip: “Come to the gym with a plan or else you won’t improve, half ass workouts will give you half ass results. Know what you want and have a goal.” 

Health Tip: “After a workout listen to your body, feed what your body craves, and make sure to get enough sleep.” (Kenny loves sleep)

Why you love Mercedes Club: “It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, stress free, members are friendly, everyone is easy to talk to, no egos, and my co-workers are awesome.”

Least favorite workout fad: “Low/no carb diets. Your body needs carbs.” (He was actually eating carbs as he said this, so he is serious, guys)

Anything else?: “Train with Kenny”


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