Michael OkechPersonal Trainer
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    Michael Okech has been a competitive rugby player for over a decade, playing in Kenya, the US, the United Kingdom, France, and Vancouver, Canada.

    After finishing his university degree, his passion for sports and fitness inspired him to become an ACSM certified personal trainer, concentrating on weight management, body sculpting, cardiovascular conditioning, endurance training and sport specific training.

    Michael’s commitment and positive approach enables his clients to test their physical and mental limits. His strength lies in his ability to motivate each client to find enjoyment in exercising through programs that are fun, challenging, and lead to great results. He realizes that this doesn’t come easily to everyone, so he tailors his programs so there is something that appeals to everyone.

    One of the things Michael enjoys most about working with his clients is the opportunity to educate, empower and positively impact their lives as a whole. He is also a firm believer in continuing education and is currently exploring the idea of Movement Integrity using Fascial Stretch Therapy as a tool to get his clients moving towards proper function, working at their maximum capacity and staying bulletproof. Along with the Fascial Stretch Therapy he applies principles and systems he learned from his NASM Corrective Exercise Certification and Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Screen to develop a comprehensive Movement Integrity program.