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As the Holiday season comes to a close and New Year’s resolutions take helm in the lives of many, a new or renewed sense of dedication to personal fitness will become a high priority for most. The majority will begin to include weight loss goals. These goals are most often backed by a desire to begin a strength training and/or cardiovascular training program that will assist or allow one to accomplish their goal(s). And while setting such goals is nothing short of admirable, what is most often ignored by those who author these goals is the understanding and importance of mobility and flexibility training in addition to strength and cardiovascular programming. Sure, being able to squat one’s body weight (or more) is nothing to be scoffed at, however without full range of motion throughout one’s joints and flexibility in the muscles being utilized, the integrity and efficacy of the movement will always be compromised. In fitness, if strength gives one the ability to ‘power’ through a given movement(s), then mobility and flexibility allow one the ability to ‘maneuver’ through them. I, sometimes liken strength to the engine of a car, while simultaneously likening mobility and flexibility to a car’s steering column. With the absence of a steering column, a car is still somewhat operable, but without the steering column, a car is most certainly incomplete. Therefore, I implore you to begin to reexamine your fitness goals. Don’t forget your mobility and flexibility training, as these, in addition to, strength and cardiovascular training will garner you the results you desire. If you suffer from a general lack of knowledge (or simply care to brush up) in flexibility and mobility training, then I invite you to join me Saturday, January 23rd at 3 pm in our Yoga Studio for a Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion Workshop with me; Spencer L. Stephens – Certified Personal Trainer.

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