In Kesha Butler

Certified Personal Trainer
NPC Figure Competitor
42 Years Young
Mother of 2



Born in Edison, New Jersey, I was innovative and athletic from a young age. I fell in love with cheerleading, track and volleyball growing up, but after relocating to Virginia for the remainder of my high school years, I found my interest in athletics begin to fade.

Later in my 20’s, I became a mother of two beautiful sons, who never cease to inspire and motivate me. When my boys were young (and as many full-time mothers can relate) my personal health took a backseat to the everyday needs of my kids. I reached a point where I needed to make a decision; to get fit, or head down a very dark, unhealthy path.

The choice was clear. Not just for myself, but for my children as well.

When you invest in yourself, you invest in those closest to you. It’s no secret that hard work pays off, and I needed to set that example.

As a single mother, I needed to figure out a system where I could take on this challenge and be there for my young boys. That same day, I went to the local Walmart and filled a cart with dumbbells, resistance bands, fitness magazines and nutrition books. I rushed home and read every article, learned every technique. In a time before online resources and fitness apps, I had to teach myself.

While one boy did his homework, the other would be in the playpen. As for me, I was right there with them, developing my full-body workout.

Day after day, I felt myself becoming stronger. Not only did I have more energy, but I realized certain stress factors no longer affected me. The physical, mental and emotional improvements that I experienced from then on are truly hard to describe.

Kesha Butler Personal Trainer

As my children grew up, I took my training to the gym. I was in heaven and there was no turning back. While my fitness journey may have started in the living room, I saw no ceiling for my potential.

It’s truly amazing what you can achieve when you’re surrounded by like-minded, goal-driven individuals.

In 2003, I moved to Sacramento CA, where I became APEX Certified. I was then brought on as a Certified Personal Trainer at 24Hr Fitness and after a few years, ventured off to train independently at a handful of local health clubs.

Fitness was my therapy and I wanted to give that gift to others. As an independent trainer and group fitness instructor, I was able to share my skills and talent with a larger audience.

After many memorable and rewarding years of training, I developed a great interest in figure competitions. In a way, it was the logical next step on my fitness journey, to take it to the highest level possible. I entered the NPC “Battle at the River” in Chattanooga in 2011 and placed second in Open Figure, 1st in Open Figure Master and won the title of Overall Figure Master. After experiencing success in a number of shows, I moved on to the National NPC Figure Competition. I competed in my first national show, the NPC Junior USA’s, in 2012 and placed in the Top 15 of my class. If you’re familiar with the NPC, this is no easy task.

Kesha Personal Trainer

While figure competitions provided a grand stage for displaying all I had worked for throughout my career, I wanted to get back to basics, to my roots. For me, that’s inspiring and motivating as a personal trainer.

Now, living in New York City, I’m pleased to share my expertise with the Members of Mercedes Club. Feel free to share your stories, your aspirations or just ask me for advice. If you haven’t done so, contact me to schedule your complimentary fitness assessment and session. Let’s start your journey to the best version of YOU.

Best in health,
Kesha Marie Butler
[email protected]