In Jonathan Olivencia

The Intrinsic Deposit
by: Jonathan Olivencia

It’s that time of the year where holidays and events allow us to reconnect with family, friends, and work events with coworkers. Everyone seems to have a calmer energy, with a humble spirit. However, as the time clock changes with the weather, and sunlight becomes less prevalent, we are more susceptible to being sick, as well as Vitamin D deficient.

Thanksgiving is approaching and I challenge you to sit down and reflect. How often do we appreciate and celebrate ourselves? Now don’t get this confused with getting wasted at a bar. Think of your body as a credit/debit system. You give thanks to everything and everyone throughout the year. You go the extra mile at work and credits begins to accumulate, which affects your body’s net worth. Consider the following as credits: malnutrition, little sleep, excessive sitting in front of the computer… you get the idea.

I’ve taken some time to reflect upon myself and noticed how I inherit a work ethic from my mother that comes with a tricky risk vs reward factor. Seeing my mother work day in and day out, with no time to take care of herself, makes me reevaluate my own dispositions. For example, I remember having my mother mention pain around her abdomen every night. When I told her let’s go to the hospital, she would procrastinate as if she was more concerned with getting up for work the next day. The pain accumulated until she was eventually hospitalized for kidney problems. I’m thankful that it was taken care of, but it made me upset that she did not take care of herself. Long after this event, my mother and I reflected on the whole situation and I remember me saying “Ma, you cannot work if you’re dead”. As harsh as it may seem, that is the truth.

It’s time to give thanks to a fully functional body and mind by giving to yourself. Celebrate your health with a debit to your physical body to balance out all of the daily credits you put on your body. As a gift to you, I am giving a special group event to help you appreciate yourself! A perfect way to lead into the food-filled holidays.