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Personal Training with Jonathan Olivencia

“Weight has always been a constant struggle for me. Even though I was active as a child, dancing multiple days a week, I was never able to maintain a weight at which I was comfortable in my own skin. I continued to feel this way about my appearance as an adult, and especially became conscious of it once I began teaching full time.

As a teacher, you play many roles: teacher, coach, guidance counselor, role model, and even a parent, to some extent. Although I love my job, at times, it can be very daunting and stressful. How I would deal with these emotions would be by eating. I very quickly began to put on weight and was thus becoming very self-conscious and unsure of myself.

I realized that I needed to make a change, and quickly.

Determined to get myself on track, I took advantage of my summer vacation and spent my days at Mercedes Club, trying different machines and workouts I had found online. Then, one day while on the leg press, I was approached by one of the trainers and signed up for a complimentary session.

I was very nervous going into that first session. I felt very self-conscious and was not sure if I was up for having someone push me out of my comfort zone. However, after those 45 minutes, I immediately realized that having a trainer was the one thing I needed, and that this trainer in particular, convinced me to believe him when he said I could reach my goals.

Personal Training

I am truly in debt to Jonathan for all that he has done for me. He has pushed me to do things I never thought possible; he has challenged me to believe in abilities I didn’t know I had. Jonathan has also held me very accountable for my actions, which is something I very much needed. He is an extremely dedicated and determined individual, who doesn’t settle for less than his personal best or his clients’ best. These high standards, which Jonathan sets during our training sessions, have truly made this process a humbling and fulfilling experience.

Six months ago, I was constantly tracking my weight as a number on the scale and becoming frustrated with the lack of change. However, now six months into training with Jonathan, I no longer feel the need to do that.  Instead, I am constantly tracking the amount of weight I can lift. With Jonathan’s support and guidance, my mindset regarding my self-image has changed and is continuing to change in a very positive way, for which I am truly grateful.

Like always, thanks again for everything!”

-Christina Iannacone

Personal Training

Client Q&A: Jonathan & Christina

Before finding us, what was your struggle? What were your biggest frustrations?

My biggest struggle was the motivation to work out and to stay consistent with working out. I really tried to do research online, to find workouts I could try on my own and find classes that I would be interested in, but I didn’t have much luck with them. Because I could not find a class I was interested in, or workouts that I enjoyed, I just never worked out. I just accepted the idea to an extent that working out was not something that was for me, or something that I had time to do.

How did your struggle and frustrations affect your life? What did you feel like before you made your transformation?

In general, I was most conscious of my weight and my appearance when I had events to attend.  I would try to use the two weeks beforehand to try and work out as much as possible to feel better about myself before going, but I knew that was not an effective way to see any real progress or change. I just assumed that my weight was my body shape and that it was not something I could modify or monitor.

Personal Training

How did our Personal Training program help you? 

Instantly, the accountability factor inherent in training motivated me to stay consistent with working out, eating, and, in general, not giving up on the process. I think having someone there to keep me accountable for my actions, both inside and outside of the gym, motivated me to do my best and to not let my own doubts or low self-esteem get in my way of succeeding. The program has also allowed me to have a positive escape from my day to day life. Teaching full-time can be fairly stressful and having a reason to leave promptly at a certain time each day and then take an hour to work on bettering myself has allowed me to recharge and become a more effective teacher.  Working out has also made me a happier person. I have more energy and am willing to try things that I never had an interest in before.

How is life different for you now? 

The most significant change for me as a result of training has been the changes I have seen in my self-perceptions and self-motivation. I have always considered myself a determined and competitive person, but only when it came to interests or passions of mine. Working out was not one of those interests prior to training. Now, I look forward to working out each day, pushing myself to try new movements or lifting a higher weight. I want to challenge myself more, and with this program and the high standards associated with it, I feel the need to push myself. I’ve learned to accept that progress, not results, are the true testament of growth and change.