In Chris Weible

Chris Weible

Certified Personal Trainer: Chris Weible

Favorite Workout: Barbell Back Squats


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • (CES) Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • (USAW) U.S.A Olympic Weightlifting Sports Coach

Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza

Motto: You Are What You Speak You Are

About Me: I grew up playing sports in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. My primary sports were track, football and basketball. During middle school, however, I became extremely interested in music and acting. I began acting and singing, not only in show choir but also in various high school musicals. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre and after college, I worked professionally for Disney as a performer. When I returned from my contract with Disney, I began pursuing my fitness career with a solid foundation from my experiences in both sports and performing.


Fresh Starts

While there are countless members at Mercedes Club that are extremely dedicated and consistent, working out at least 3 times a week, still, so many Members struggle with breaking through their comfort zones. I’ve realized many reach a plateau, and their progress, while always impressive, stays flat moving forward. This is due in part to falling into a routine, a system where you’re comfortable, being satisfied.

They have yet to realize the need for a fresh start.

Let me explain: Here are the first three questions that someone should ask themselves, not just upon joining Mercedes Club, but before exploring a personal training program and/or their own training regimen:

“What fitness goals do I want to accomplish?”

“When do I want to accomplish them by?”

“What am I willing to give up to achieve them?”

These three questions alone, can set a Member up for success or failure. Whenever we ask ourselves questions, specifically questions about goals and aspirations, we put ourselves in a position to let our minds race with creativity.

Next, we begin to search for the answers (and more often than not) wherever we can find them.

While they might serve as great supplemental tools, instead of turning to the internet or various fitness apps for information, I encourage you to reach out to the fitness brains that are most easily accessible: Mercedes Club’s Certified Personal Trainers. Holding multiple certifications each, we’re not just knowledgeable, we’re trained in formulating a 100% personalized program for each and every client.

There’s no judgment, just results.

EVERY Member of Mercedes Club is entitled to a complimentary Fitness Assessment & Personal Training Session! In this session, it’s our responsibility as Fitness Professionals to not only understand the clients’ goals, but to outline a program and timeline for achieving them, including; most effective exercises, proper workout technique and the amount of sessions necessary to realize their specific goals (to name just a few). Furthermore, you’ll undergo a full-body assessment to address the imbalances in the body and identify the areas that need flexibility, mobility and strength improvements. This assessment will serve as the foundation to your customized workout program, should you choose to continue with personal training. It’s not just about fitness, it’s about motivation, self-empowerment and mental clarity.

In summary:

While technology is constantly improving to provide virtual workout instruction, it has yet to grasp the customization factor that a dedicated trainer can (and will) provide. Above all, if you feel like you’ve plateaued (as I mentioned earlier) or if you’ve fallen into a routine, come see me! You’ll be amazed by what you learn and what you’re truly capable of!

From training professional baseball players and martial artists, to corrective-exercise specialists and Olympic weightlifters, I guarantee to educate and prepare you to achieve your goals.

It’s time for a fresh start.

If you have yet to schedule your complimentary fitness assessment, don’t hesitate! Feel free to reach out to the Hospitality Desk to schedule your assessment. You can also reach out to me directly: [email protected]


Best in health,

Chris Weible | Mercedes Club Personal Trainer