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My name is Nadine Burgos and I became a Mercedes Club member in 2012. I truly enjoy the gym. To be addressed by name when I arrive, speaks volumes and demonstrates how welcoming and friendly the staff is. Have I mentioned the fitness classes? Awesome!  Great trainers which leads me to why I am writing.

Back in 2012, I was struggling with my weight–lose weight, gain it back then lose it again. I was on a rollercoaster, going nowhere. Then, one day, I realized I was struggling–out of breathe, sweating all the time and generally not feeling like myself. I wouldn’t even take a full-length picture because, in the back of my mind, I was not true to myself and not pleased with the way I looked. It wasn’t until I realized I had inched my body up to a size 12, that I started thinking about exercising.

I struggled for quite some time, vowing every Sunday, tomorrow I will start my diet. It never came until one day in the shower I felt horrible and asked God to please help me. When I got in the car that morning, the first thing I heard as I turned the car on, was a disc jockey elated about how much weight he’d lost. He felt great after losing 40 lbs. I want to feel like that I said to myself, I want to lose 40lbs. And that is exactly what I did. What did he do? He changed his diet and incorporated exercise, simple.

On March 25th of this year, I started my weight loss journey, for real, this time. Instead of making promises to myself, I took action. I changed my diet to now healthy eating (protein, vegetables and fruits, as well as logging my food). I weighed myself every day: a lifestyle change for me. I was already working out, but I realized I was going through the motions in the fitness classes I frequently attended. My favorite classes, Boxing with Jackie, Sports Conditioning with Flex (twice a week) was now another asset to my weight loss journey. And both trainers recognized a change in my workout and the push began. They pushed me, helped me, guided me, ensuring I was drinking enough water and eating the right foods. And since the gym has an array of classes I added the new Barre Boot Camp class, which became part of my workout routine.

I am stronger and more fit. Thank you Jackie and Flex, I could not have done it without you guys! I have lost a total of 40 lbs.,  171 to now 131, size 12 to size 6. I feel great, I sleep better, I have energy. Honestly, I can’t wait for Mondays. I may be tired, but knowing I get to go to my beautiful gym, Mercedes Club, in anticipation of what will be in the making from class each week, gets me up and going Monday mornings.

 ** Congratulations, Nadine! We are thrilled we could support you on your transformational journey. 

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