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Mercedes Club now offers Partner Training Sessions! Reach your personal fitness goals with a work out partner. Proven statistics, and my own personal 15+ year’s experience, have shown that individuals that work out with a partner have a higher probability of reaching their personal fitness goals.


COMMITMENT:  Workout Partners must define a schedule of when and where the training will take place. By doing so, you make a personal guarantee to your workout partner that you will be at the agreed-upon location at the agreed upon date and time. This level of commitment will facilitate a more consistent, regimented and disciplined workout schedule. When working out alone, it is often easy to say to yourself that you will skip working out today and just work out harder tomorrow. By having already defined a workout schedule with your partner, it is more difficult to cancel.

TRUST: Your Workout Partner will most likely be a friend or significant other. A good workout partner is someone with whom you can relate your everyday to. By sharing accomplishments and failures, you are expanding your relationship and building trust. Exercise opens people up to vulnerability (by showing your weaknesses), so a trustworthy partner will be your best option.

MOTIVATION: A good partner will motivate you to go further than your body and mind believe you can go. They will typically push you to workout harder, and perhaps, more often. Both of these benefits will not only increase your probability of achieving your personal fitness goals, but shorten the length of time needed to achieve your fitness goals as well.

INVESTMENT EFFECTIVE: Any money ever spent on improving your health and well-being is surely an investment.

As we all know, achieving goals in life takes effort, persistence and focus. Obtaining your personal fitness goals is no different. In order to lose weight, gain strength and muscle mass, improve in a sport, become faster or jump higher, you will have to focus on your goals, be persistent, and exert the effort required to obtain those goals. So if you are considering personal training and getting in better shape, and have a good partner in mind that has similar goals, now is the time with spring just a few short weeks away to get a workout regime on your schedule with your Workout Partner of choice and a Mercedes Club Trainer.

Best of Health to YOU!

By Drew Mauro, Mercedes Club Personal Trainer

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