Group Exercise

Group Exercise

Welcome to the exciting and motivating world of Group Exercise at Mercedes Club where our amazing instructors will inspire you to reach your fitness goals. Our Group Exercise program is designed for small, intimate groups and focuses on safe and effective workouts that are challenging and fun. Please review the information below to enhance your group experience:

  • Our Group Exercise schedule changes on a quarterly basis.
  • Checkout our monthly newsletter “The Club” and our in-house kiosks for exciting Group Exercise events.
  • Sign up required for Boxing, Rope Burn, Spin and TRX. On line sign up begins 24 hours prior to the start of class.
  • Be mindful of others that are on the waiting list, please remember to cancel your reservation when you can’t make it to class.
  • Please do not enter a class more than 5 minutes after the class has started.
  • Speak with the instructor and ask for modifications if you have any limitations due to an injury.
  • All equipment is supplied when taking a class. All you need is a smile.
  • Sneakers are required for the following classes: Boxing, Hard Core, Power Dance, Intense Met-Con, Power Sculpt, Rope Burn, Sports Conditioning and TRX.
  • For a more powerful Spinning experience and a more efficient pedal stroke, cycling shoes are highly recommended. Our bikes are SPD compatible. If wearing sneakers , stiff-soled sneakers are best. Please remember to wipe down your bike after class. Gym wipes provided outside of the Spin studio.
  • Focus on form, not on tripping over personal belongings. Please do not bring bags or other personal items into the studio.
  • Connect with your movement. Disconnect from your phone. Cell phone use is not permitted in the studio. Please leave the studio if you need to use your phone for any reason.
  • A place for everything and everyone. Please be sure to return equipment and drop off dirty towels at the end of class..
  • Hydration is necessary, but spills are avoidable. Remember to bring water in a sealable container. Coffee is not permitted in the studios.
  • Be sensitive to others sense of smell. Please refrain from wearing perfume and cologne.
  • Stereo equipment for instructor use only.
  • Enjoy class!



For questions or comments regarding the Group Exercise program please contact Lisa Gausepohl at


Athletic Training

This athletic and challenging interval workout combines agility, endurance, strength and cardio. Increase your power and endurance in this highly effective calorie burning workout. No frills, just drills.

Obstacle courses, kettlebells, plyometrics, resistance training – it is different every time. Innovative workout that will build your overall strength and endurance.


This full body workout focuses on defining the arms, abs, glutes and thighs. Commit to Barre and create long, lean muscles as you tone, define and lift.

Taught to upbeat, motivating music this barre-based workout will strengthen, lengthen and tone your total body. This unique class is designed to give you a sleek physique.

Body Conditioning

An intense total body workout designed to increase your muscular strength. Lift, squat, lunge and sweat!

Switch up your workout and improve your strength, agility and cardio endurance. This class includes a variety of exercises in a circuit format that is challenging and fun.

This fast paced sculpting class will keep you moving and your heart pumping as you improve your strength and endurance.

Boxing Basics

Test your endurance in this total body workout that combines intervals of strength exercises with boxing moves.

Designed for the beginner boxer and for those interested in reviewing proper form and technique, this class will teach you how to safely execute basic punch combinations and footwork. With the use of heavy bags and mitts, you will work on coordination and strength. Boxing Basics is a great introduction to our Boxing class. Online sign up begins 24 hours prior to class.

Improve your stamina and strength in this fierce interval workout that combines boxing drills, resistance training and cardio bursts. Push yourself to another fitness level in this powerful, calorie torching, extreme workout.

Unleash your power in this challenging workout that will teach you advanced boxing techniques and combinations. Focus on speed, agility, strength and flexibility as you sweat your way through this intense boxing session. Online sign up begins 24 hours prior to class.

Take your boxing workout to another level with Advanced Boxing. This class is specifically designed for those with boxing experience who are looking to fine tune their skills. This intense, advanced workout will make a difference in your boxing performance by focusing on strategy, defense and situational drills.

Hip Hop

This mixture of low and high intensity dance moves will get your body moving and your heart pumping. Have fun burning off calories with creative and easy to follow choreographed routines. All levels welcome. No dance experience necessary

This Latin inspired dance workout is fun and easy to follow. Get ready to Samba, Merengue and more in this calorie blasting cardio party!

This 45-minute choreographed dance class is packed with slick choreography. Hip hop and modern movements are arranged into a short routine. This routine is carefully broken down and taught as you progress through class. By the end of class you will be dancing like a star!


This 30 minute extreme core workout targets your abdominal and back muscles. A strong core will enhance your athletic performance and improve your ability to perform daily tasks and minimize the risk of injury.


Based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, this class will increase your core strength and flexibility, improve your posture and give you a long lean silhouette.


This 30- minute workout combines intervals of jump rope and resistance training. Rope Burn will incinerate calories and help burn off body fat as you sweat and strengthen. Online sign up begins 24 hours prior to class.


Torch calories and strengthen your lower body in this indoor cycling workout. Instructors will guide you through challenging intervals of flats and hills to motivating, heart pumping music. For a powerful cycling experience and and a more efficient pedal stroke, cycling shoes are highly recommended. Our bikes are SPD compatible. Online sign up begins 24 hours prior to class. Please arrive to class early to claim your bike. Empty bikes are given away to Members on the wait list 5 minutes prior to start time.

Turn up the challenge every Saturday morning in this 75 minute cycling workout that will test your physical and mental endurance. Online sign up begins 24 hours prior to class. Please arrive to class early to claim your bike. Empty bikes are given away to Members on the wait list 5 minutes prior to start time.

Physique Swimming

Perfect your technique and learn new strokes with coaches from Physique Swim. All levels welcome.


TRX is a popular and effective suspension training system that leverages gravity and your body weight to develop strength, balance and core stability. The unique variety of exercises places constant demand on the muscles and will work your core through the entire class. Online sign up begins 24 hours prior to class.


Experience both the mental and physical benefits of yoga as you synchronize your breath with flowing movement. Re-energize and relax.

This yoga class is designed for those new to yoga and for experienced yogis interested in reviewing form and technique.

For questions or comments regarding the Group Exercise program please contact Lisa Gausepohl at

  • "H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S!!   After being a long-time member of Reebok on the UWS and feeling the not-so-fabulous vibe from the Equinox transition, I was beyond happy to discover the Mercedes Club."

    Jennifer H. Manhattan, NY
  • "Big thanks and five stars to a great management/service combo!"

    Chris B. Manhattan, NY
  • "The facilities speak for themselves without needing any praise. Once you walk in and take a tour, you will understand that you have found your gym, especially if you live around the area."

    Isi O. New York, NY
  • "H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S!! After being a long-time member of Reebok on the UWS and feeling the not-so-fabulous vibe from the Equinox transition, I was beyond happy to discover the Mercedes Club. I absolutely love the luxurious layout - the bright, open indoor/outdoor feel and the cleanliness alone is a big positive (cleanliness is a huge factor for me and Mercedes is nailing it). I was really pleased to discover that everything was laid out and flowed really well, was easy to access and had the top, premiere equipment I am used to using on a daily basis. Keep up the great work Mercedes-Club and thank you!"

    Jennifer H. Manhattan, NY
  • "The staff is amazing at every level. Very happy and helpful. The locker facilities are immaculate and well appointed. I often find myself noting the natural light as it is so airy especially in the dead of winter, and you all know what I mean these days."

    Jackie N. Manhattan, NY
  • "I finally found a club that not only provides great customer service but also has a ton of natural light with floor to ceiling windows surrounding this beautiful and immaculate club. I'm a class junkie so I truly appreciate that management has hired many of the best teachers in NYC. No joke- you have got to check out teachers. Love thier energy as well as all the new and exciting programs now offered. There is something for everyone. One by one my friends are converting from gyms like Equinox. Who offers all this plus a huge lounge area w/fireplaces, pool table and ping-pong for around $33 per week? I have died and gone to gym heaven- Thank You!"

    Mary L. Manhattan, NY
  • "Love this gym! It's sleek, clean and fancy. It's like a country club in the city. This place has Jacuzzi, an indoor pool, outdoor pool, steam room, sauna, digital lockers, swim suit dryer, kitchen, juice & food bar, spa, towel service, an outdoor Terrace that's like a beach during the summer and many more!"

    Cynthia Z. Manhattan, NY
  • "Mercedes Club is a hidden gem with everything a person would need. The staff is top notch, it's the little things that make this place special. The indoor lap and outdoor deck pool's are clutch in this concrete jungle. The gym is clean and classy. I would recommend this gym to anyone who enjoys fitness and good vibes."

    Josh V. Manhattan, NY
  • "The Mercedes Club is my oasis in the city. It's stunning, massive and well laid out floor plan coupled with the incredible outdoor/indoor pool options, sun decks and immaculate cleanliness make this the best gym I have ever belonged to in NYC. Combine all the friendly faces who greet you at the front desk, I always feel valued. Kudos and keep up the good work."

    Brooke E. New York, NY
  • "Mercedes Club is an outstanding gym. The facilities are awesome and very clean. They offer a great class selection (yoga, boot camp, spin, and even boxing). The instructors are awesome as are the gym employees. They have two pools (outdoor/indoor), top of the line equipment, nice locker room, and a juice bar/healthy cafe. The rate is reasonable- so really can't go wrong w this place!"

    Bina S. New York, NY
  • "I was instantly infatuated and immediately joined. I am very impressed with the crisp cleanliness of the facility. The towels are ever so soft and the whole staff is amiable."

    Elizabeth V. New York, NY
  • "The Mercedes club isn't just a gym.. ITS AN ALL OUT PARADISE!"

    Gary C. Glendale, NY
  • "Great facilities, very clean gym that is set up so you have a bit of privacy while on cardio or machines, especially when it's not crowded, and the sauna and steam room with decently sized towels in the locker room keep the luxury going."

    Laura M. Santa Monica, CA
  • "Joining the Mercedes Club was an absolute no-brainer. The facility is innovative and clean, and the representatives are helpful and knowledgeable! REAL customer service is difficult to find these days, but not here. If you are looking for an upper-echelon-kind-of gym experience, look no further. This place will make you look and feel great, and if you're fairly new to the city, it's an awesome place to meet new, friendly faces."

    Rachel M. Knickerbocker, NY
  • "What can I say about Mercedes Club? No other spot like it in NYC. The space is beautiful and I highly recommend giving it a look"

    Michael B.
  • "Working out at the Mercedes Club is a sexy and beyond enjoyable experience!! Being a member of this club is like being a member of an elite Private Club. You get the prestige of state of the art facility with the warmth of a lounge where you can sit and do work post your exercise. I love that! Every piece of equipment is in pristine shape and I feel like I am getting more than what I am paying for. From summer time movies on the patio to pool time and every rep in between I love every part of this club!!!!!!!"

    Yamaris D. Rego Park, NY
  • "This gym is by far the best! Facility is spotless all the time, every staff member is super helpful and nice, and classes are AWESOME. Love this place!!!"

    Danyel G. Brooklyn, NY
  • "Excellent place to work out, everything is clean, organized and hip. Great friendly staff welcomes you with a smile. This place is exactly what I need after a busy day at the office."

    Naso T. New York, NY
  • So this is my week in review. I've been a member since Saturday and I must say coming from Equinox I like the chill relaxed yet, fun vibe@MercedesClub. Good amenities, friendly staff, good variety of things to do. I wish you guys had an Upper East Side location. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    Brian Perez
  • I have been a member of the mercedes club for three years. i was amicably approached by chris weible, the phenomenal trainer at the club, while stretching in hopes of healing an injury that i have attained. chris said he could help. i'm currently rehabbing my body from nerve damage and a compressed hip joint. i signed up for a session. Chris assessed my posturing, footing and tension with an incredible intuition and know how. he coached me through some breathing techniques to release tension that i was unknowingly holding onto with my body in my eyes and jaw along with a series of unusual movements to regain my strength and mobility. i left after only one session with chris, walking more evenly with a considerable amount of less pain, feeling stronger with confidence and a further drive to heal. thank you!

    MATT SAXTON New York, NY