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Magen, Darm, Magenmedizin, UntersuchungDid you know your body needs lipids (fats) to properly digest and absorb proteins and certain vitamins?

Our body’s ability to process food and turn it into nutrients is efficient and sophisticated. This process takes place in two stages: Digestion—the breaking apart of foods into smaller and smaller units—and Absorption—the movement of those small units from the gut into the bloodstream or lymphatic system for circulation. Our digestive system has the ability to digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats simultaneously, meanwhile we are also preparing vitamins, cholesterol, and minerals for absorption.

The best part? Your digestive system does all of this by itself!

You probably have seen advertisements for various diet books and supplements that suggest consuming food groups separately, however, scientific research does not support these claims! Barring certain medical conditions, your digestive system is able as well as prepared to digest and absorb the foods you eat in any combination you decide to eat them. Don’t be fooled by the trends, mix your food the way you want and always make sure you’re eating enough of the right stuff.

By Mercedes Club Personal Trainer, Rob Girao



Rob Girao, Mercedes Club Personal Trainer

Rob is a Nationally Certified Health and Fitness Professional. He believes personal well-being is important and often misunderstood.

Today’s society lacks emphasis on nutrition, cardiovascular health, self-myofascial release techniques and many other factors that play into how you feel every day. Everyone should feel great, when you feel better you perform better. Rob specializes in fitness nutrition, corrective exercise, bodybuilding, weight loss and having fun. He provides a safe training environment focusing on form with only the most effective exercises.

Rob’s personalized programs are designed to achieve physical goals while building confidence, increasing energy, and developing character. Fitness is a fantastic way of life, not just another hobby.

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