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Summer is almost here and like most of us, you’re looking for ways to expedite your summer-body campaign. If you’re a creature of efficiency (perhaps even convenience), boxing could very well be your new best friend.

Gerry Pinzon

Adding boxing to your workout regimen will undoubtedly maximize your results, in a variety of ways; some surprising, some not. Regardless, boxing doesn’t allow your body to adapt, which is key for high intensity training. By engaging your muscles in constant motion, most fight-based workouts (especially boxing) will yield the following benefits:


Ridiculously-Extensive Fat Burning

By using a wide range of muscles with an increased heart rate, boxing is one of the best workouts for shredding fat, fast. The high-intensity, full-body cardio that boxing provides will burn calories long after your workout is finished. (Pick up the phone, your summer body is calling.)


Next-Level Core Strength & Stability

Rotation, rotation, rotation.

FACT: the movements used in boxing will get you absolutely ripped.

Boxing, as with most HIIT workouts, blasts your abs (and your core as a whole). When you continue to add boxing to your training, you’ll tone and strengthen your core and begin to realize your body’s ability to better balance itself. You’ll move with increased power and fluidity. (So.. what are you waiting for?)


Stress Relief

Explosive endorphin-release? Check.

Heightened and highly-targeted physical and mental focus to forget about life’s little worries? Check.

Letting loose and ridding your aggression in a controlled (and FUN) environment? Most certainly, check.


In summary, boxing is one of the best total-body workouts, one that works to significantly improve your body, mind and spirit. Take advantage of Mercedes Club’s boxing classes and Personal Training programs to sculpt that summer (and year-round) body, fast.


When you think sharp, you act sharp, and when you move with power, people notice.


 Up for the Challenge:

“With Summer quickly approaching, I was looking to ramp up my workouts and enhance my personal training sessions. G, Mercedes’ Operations Manager, suggested I try Boxing and I must admit I was skeptical at first – but also intrigued – and decided to give it a shot.

From the outset, I felt an immediate connection with Gerry and his style of teaching. Gerry is professional, extremely knowledgeable and personable. He approaches Boxing as both an art and a craft, combining the aesthetics of the sport with physical training, while at the same time engaging the body, mind and spirit in an intense workout.

In addition, a very personal and individual bond was created that not only changed my perception of Boxing – from merely a physical one of jabs, right hooks, fancy footwork and the urge to hurt my opponent, to that of a sport of graceful movements and style. Gerry makes exercising in general, and boxing in particular, FUN!”

-George Y., Mercedes Club Member & Gerry Pinzon’s Personal Training Client (using integrated Boxing workouts)


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