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dmichaelEDUCATION: B.A Exercise Science, Master’s Degree Foreign Currencies

EXPERIENCE: With 15+ years in the fitness industry, Drew has successfully worked 500 + clients of all fitness levels ranging from beginner to professional athletes. Drew’s fitness education and experience has spanned from college, throughout Europe, and the privilege to work as a CPT at the Homestead Air Force Base in Miami Fl.  Returning back to his hometown, he is now honored to be part of the great fitness team at Mercedes Club NYC.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Published fitness model:  Exercise for Men, Muscle & Fitness, Fitness RX, Spencer Gift stores.

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Under Drew’s 6-month comprehensive strength and agility program, his client Kevin Heller, a Brooklyn Heights native was drafted to the Boston Red Sox in 2012.

DREWS SPECIALTIES: Strength/weights training, Circuit training, Toning and leaning, Body-fat reduction, Weight loss, HIIT Training, Core and lower back intensive training, Aesthetic and symmetry, Bootcamp, Nutrition/ Meal plan council, Flexibility, Proper form of exercise to prevent injury.


2 years ago I was just starting to work out after injuring my lower back. I was frustrated, in pain, needed to lose weight, and was incredibly limited in what I could do physically. I knew I needed help.
When I reached out to Drew I never would have imagined how successful I would be. On the first day I could barely do a squat, a single push-up, or any type of cardio movement without being completely winded and strained. I was at rock bottom performance wise. Today, just over a year later, I am 25 lbs lighter, 10x stronger, am able to do a full hour workout consisting of multiple sets of squats , lunges, pushups, weights, cardio exercises, battle ropes, boxing, and core work. The highlight of 2014 was me completing the Spartan race with pictures at the finish line to prove it. My physical transformation of conditioning, strength, and positive energy is simply amazing.
His workouts are tough, but really fun. He challenges me every week to do better than the week before. I can confidently say I am so much stronger and healthier than I have ever been. Without his coaching I would have never have been so successful. Drew is an amazing trainer and I am lucky to have his support and friendship through this journey.

Here is my last workout that I just completed from Drew..

2 rounds of each exercise @
12-15 repetitions per set, rest no more than 30 seconds between setsDumbbell squat curls
Barbell reverse lunge curls
1 min battle rope lunges
Cable squat rear lateral flies
DB walking lunges
Plank pikes
Plank leg raise holds
DB push-up rows
Cable lunge flies
30 reps Cardio Bench up and overs
Treadmill walking deep lunges
Squat cable high thrusts
Mountain climbers
Lying leg raises
Lat pulldowns
Reverse lat pulldowns
Seated pulley rows
Tricep rope pushdowns
Finish with:
10 min cardio boxing
Boxing glove sit-up punches
Lia Foreman
Working out with Drew

Working out with Drew


Working hard



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