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The problem with resolutions, as we all very well know, is that 90% of the time we forget about them.

On January 1st, I triumphantly shouted “No donuts in 2015!” only to be met a week later with a donut halfway to my mouth (just kidding, but now I want a donut). Resolutions last maybe all of January, if we’re lucky. To be honest, I never make resolutions. Sure I set goals and wishes and things I hope to achieve, but what I’ve come to realize is that if you really want to break a habit or make a change in some aspect of your life, you have to do just that; you have to change your lifestyle and create a space where those bad habits don’t exist.

Imagine a world where there are no cheat days (or donuts). Live a life that is driven by being active, instead of fitness being a mere afterthought. Life is all about being patient and forgiving of yourself. Successful life changes start with knowing, ahead of time, that you are going to screw up (NEWSFLASH: You’re human and screwing up is what we do best). So this year, DON’T make resolutions. DO start taking baby steps to create the world that the best version of you wants to live in.

Good luck in 2015!

By Tara Gillfillan, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

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